How to Make Your Relationship Cheat Proof- Part 1: Why Women Cheat
28 July 2017, 06:41

No matter how much you reject the idea, the truth of the matter is that infidelity can happen to nearly any relationship.

Below are some of the top reasons women cheat, along with a few questions that can help you accurately spot the warning signs.

Protect your relationship from this list of things if you want to make it cheater proof.

Why women cheat #1: They allow their friendships to exceed their limits.

Red flags:

  • Discussing arguments with your spouse with your male friends.
  • Imagining what life would be like if you and a male friend were dating.
  • Playful flirting, like inappropriate sex jokes and touching.
  • Spending large amounts of alone time with male friends, possibly consuming alcohol.

Many women end up regretfully cheating because friendships with male friends cross the boundary from friends, to flirting.

It is normal for people to have male-female friendships in college, at work, or even at local hangouts. But, realize this does increase the chance of developing a bond that could lead to infidelity.

This has led many experts, including talk show host and relationship author Steve Harvey to proclaim that men and women simply can’t be friends.

It takes willpower and common sense to avoid the temptation to cheat.

Even for women who are happy in their relationships, crossing the line is possible because you will naturally find other men attractive, (just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you went blind lol. Don’t feel guilty.)

The best thing is to prevent the possibility of infidelity before it happens.

  • Avoid flirting with male friends.
  • Avoid graphic chats with male friends.
  • Stay out of sexually charged atmospheres with male friends.
  • Don’t discuss issues you are having with your boyfriend with male friends.

Doing these things should keep you safe from this pitfall. However, it does make sense to also ask yourself the question: Is having male friends really worth risking my relationship?

Why women cheat #2: Their partners don’t meet their expectations.

Red flags:

  • Blowing up when you argue with your partner.
  • Having frequent thoughts of your partner’s failures and imperfections.
  • Feelings of being less attracted to your partner.

Having realistic expectations is one of the keys to avoiding the temptation to cheat. No man you ever meet will be perfect.

You have to be able to see the big picture.

If his flaws are minor, and he treats you right, try to focus on that.

A few small infractions is no reason to throw away an overall good relationship.

As long as your partner has more strengths than weaknesses, the best way to cope with and grow closer to one another is by embracing each other’s pros and cons.

Why women cheat #3: They feel that their partners no longer appreciate them.

Red flags:

  • He doesn’t compliment you anymore.
  • Feeling deprived of affection.
  • Flirting with other men in search of attention and affection.

You used to feel like his queen early in your relationship right? Random flattery? Love notes? The red carpet treatment.

However, as most relationships advance past this initial infatuation, the flattery dwindles and many women feel neglected.

In turn they go out and seek attention from other men.

Bad idea.

Most relationships go through this phase, if you have a good relationship overall, it’s best to talk to your man about this issue. Possibly even spend some time apart, as this is a primary symptom that you are spending too much time together.

I suggest trying this strategy to put an immediate infusion of love and appreciation in your relationship. After doing this, your love will feel brand new again.

Why women cheat #4: Punishing their partners.

Red flags:

  • Suspecting your partner is cheating on you.
  • Not opening up to your partner about what angers you.
  • Feeling as if you have no say so in the relationship.

It’s normal to feel like you want to punish your boyfriend when he does something that angers you. However, cheating is not the answer. It’s always best to confront the situation. Feeling as if your opinion doesn’t count in the relationship? Tell him.

Sometimes all that’s needed to save a relationship is for both partners to sit down and talk. Not argue. A real talk where you attempt to grow together and understand one another.


The actions that lead women to cheat often look innocent. However, what starts off as innocent flirting turns into something more as time goes on.

Avoid the pitfalls I listed above if you want to cheat proof your relationship.

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